Your Guide to a Safe and Fun Summer

Our summer is moving along quickly but there are still great times to be had. Summer can also mean added dangers around the home and outdoor barbecues can mean added liability. Here are some simple reminders to a safe summer season.

Grilling safety can go a long way in preventing burns or even worse. When grilling, make sure you light your grill properly, and only use long handled grilling tools. Never ignite your grill indoors, and to be safe, turn off your gas supply at the tank as well as the burner controls.

Pool safety can also be an issue. Make sure little ones are always supervised around the water and they have proper flotation devices. Do everything you can to make sure your pool is secure and inaccessible after hours. Of course, when outdoors, you’ll also want to make use of sunscreen.

Summer can mean also mean mosquito bites, poison ivy and ticks so keep an eye on children and pets. Your summer will be much more enjoyable if it is a safe one!

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