Will My Insurance Cover Renting a Car After an Accident?

After a car wreck, the last thing you need to worry about is whether or not your insurance will cover a rental car. This should be something that you make sure is included when covering your car with a new policy. Without this coverage, this can be a very difficult time even if there are no injuries involved.

Usually, if the other driver is at fault their auto insurance carrier will provide you with a rental car until your car is repaired. Or, if your car is totaled renting a car will be the best option until a settlement is reached to replace your car. However, if the at-fault insurance company decided to fight this they could, which will then require your insurance company to cover the rental car.

It’s best to always plan for the worst case scenario and to talk with your own agent about what is best for you. Please feel free to contact North American Advantage Insurance Services to find out how we can help provide you with the best coverage.