What does a home umbrella policy cover?

Umbrella policies are the chameleon of the insurance world; they are designed to be catchall programs which cover you under a multitude of situations.  

There are two broad, fundamental categories that a policy like this will help you out of: the first is a scenario in which you have reached the limits of a homeowners, boat, or auto insurance policy.  Once the limit of your base policy has been reached, you might need additional protection; the umbrella policy is designed to provide that coverage.

The second situation is if you find yourself needing to make a claim that another liability policy might not cover.  These claims include slander, false arrest, units you own and are currently renting out, libel, property damage liability, damage caused by your pet, damage caused to another by a situation in your home (among others).

The utility value of an umbrella policy is huge, and one of our insurance professionals would be happy to discuss it with you.  For more information about homeowners insurance or a personal umbrella policy, contact North American Advantage Insurance Services