Updating Your Home Inventory in 2014

Now that you’ve rang in 2014, it’s time to put away the gifts and get ready for all the adventures the new year has in store. Don’t forget to update your home inventory, however. All those new gifts you received mean your insurance needs may change, so prioritize this important task today.

Add New Electronics

Whether you received the newest gaming system or an upgraded cellphone, add your new electronics to your home inventory. Copy the serial numbers and add high quality pictures to your inventory list that is stored in a fireproof or safe deposit box and with a friend or relative. Likewise, contact your home insurance agent and add the value of these objects to your policy to ensure they’re covered in case of theft or damage.

Add New Jewelry

Did you receive a new diamond engagement ring, family birthstone bracelet or pearl necklace for the holidays? Be sure they’re added to your home inventory. While you cannot replace sentimental pieces, insuring jewelry gives you peace of mind that you can replace any lost or stolen pieces. Include pictures, a certificate of authenticity from the jeweler and an accurate appraisal for each piece of jewelry you receive.

Contact North American Advantage Insurance Services today. Receive assistance updating your home inventory and purchasing a homeowners insurance policy as you protect your valuables and peace of mind in 2014.