Understanding the Claims Payment Process

When filing a claim on your home, it’s important to know how the claims payment process works. Knowing the steps will ensure you don’t let anything fall through the cracks. After your initial phone call, an adjuster will come to your home to evaluate your damages. Based on what they see, you may be offered a payment. This is usually a partial payment of the entire assessment, it is not your final check. There may be instances when you are given your entire settlement but if you find additional damage, you can reopen your claim.

If you have to relocate, you will also receive a reimbursement for living expenses. If your home is financed, your insurance company may send the payment to your bank. If you don’t receive a separate check for your personal items, contact the insurance company at once. The typical time for claims to be filed is up to a year after your damages. If you have structural and personal items damaged, you will usually receive two separate checks.

For more information on the claims payment process, contact North American Advantage Insurance Services.