Umbrella Liability Insurance Offers Extra Protection

Many types of insurance, such as homeowners’ insurance, auto insurance, renter’s insurance, and business insurance  are either required or at the very least highly advised, and there are a wide range of policies available from many different insurance providers. Getting basic liability insurance for any of these things is a good start, but it is important to ask yourself if it is really enough.

Often when accidents happen, the amount of protection listed on more basic policies won’t cover the costs associated with the accident, and that puts the owner of the home insurance or auto insurance policy responsible for the remaining costs. If the injury is serious enough, costs can head into hundreds of thousands of dollars or more. That’s why many consider an umbrella liability policy as an add-on to their existing insurance. In some cases a person with an umbrella policy can get as much as a million dollars of extra coverage for under $300 a year. In addition to paying for injuries, other things such as libel or slander may also be covered under an umbrella policy, even when those things aren’t covered by other insurance.

At North American Advantage Insurance Services in Irving, Texas our independent agents have access to rate policy information for insurance providers in 23 states, including Texas. Our knowledgeable agents can help you assess your personal risk and help you decide whether an umbrella liability policy is right for you. For more information on your options, contact North American Advantage Insurance Services today.