Trees and Insurance: Are You Covered?

Homeowners concerned about damage to their home by trees may wish to learn more about what is and isn’t covered under a standard insurance policy. In general, damages caused by trees during a storm is usually covered through a homeowners insurance policy. In the event of a hurricane or other natural disaster, there usually won’t even be an investigation into whose tree it was, due to the fact that trees can be uprooted forcefully and moved quite far.

However, it should be noted that the actual deductible will still be the homeowner’s responsibility. This is true no matter whose tree it is: even if it is a neighbor’s tree that falls on a homeowner’s property, the homeowner still needs to pay the deductible. The only situation in which the neighbor’s policy will be responsible instead will be if the tree itself was damaged or dead before the storm, and this may have contributed to the incident. If a tree simply falls on its own, it will either be covered through the homeowner’s insurance policy if it was their tree or a neighbor’s insurance policy if it was theirs.

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