Tips for Properly Storing your Boat

It’s that time of year again, boat season is over and it’s now time to properly store your boat for the off season. There are some simple steps that you should take to prepare your boat to be safely stored through the winter season:

  • Do a complete check of your whole engine. Change spark plugs if needed as well as all fluids, especially oil and Antifreeze.
  • Remove the battery, so it can be stored properly in a warmer location.
  • Clean the entire boat, inside and out.
  • After thoroughly cleaning, let the boat air out until completely dry so it doesn’t mold.
  • Purchase a proper fitting boat cover to protect the interior throughout the winter. This will also help keep small animals out.

Even though your boat is being stored, you should still contact North American Advantage Insurance Services to make sure that your current boat insurance policy is adequate. Even while storing your boat, it’s always better to plan ahead. Contact us today to speak with one of our qualified agents.