Two Tips on How to Check Tire Tread

Two Tips on How to Check Tire Tread

Your tires are the pieces of rubber that go round and round and keep your car under your control. Ensure that it stays that way by checking tire tread. 

Your tires are a lot like your sneakers you used to wear to gym class–you remember the hardwood flooring with the school mascot painted in the middle and the various basketball hoops, right? New shoes on that floor had traction which allowed you to turn on a dime. As your shoes began to wear away, turning became a bit harder and you possibly even slipped and fell (to the enjoyment of all your classmates).

Your tires work in the same way: new tires are able to grip the ground well and make turns with ease, but as they age and wear down some skidding may occur which could put you in danger. Here are a couple of tips on how to check your tire tread and keep you safe from the dangers of worn out tires.

  1. Identification Number – The last four numbers of the identification number located on the walls of your tires indicate how old they are.
    • Post-2000 Car: Let’s say the last four digits of your tires read, “4906.” That means they were made in the 49th week of 2006.
    • Pre-2000 Car: There may only be three digits, like, “466.” That means 46th week and 6th year of that decade.
  2. Penny Test – You can use President Abraham Lincoln to help you decide if you need new tires. With Lincoln’s head upside down, stick the penny into the grooves. If the grooves cover his head, your tires are fine. If you can see the top or all of his head, that means you need new tires.

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