Times When a Personal Umbrella Policy Would Come in Handy

An umbrella insurance policy is essentially an extension of your other policies, such as homeowners insurance and automobile insurance. You can get an umbrella insurance policy if you feel that the coverage on your other policies is not enough but you don’t want to extend each policy on an individual basis. An umbrella insurance policy can also be used for certain items not covered on other insurance policies.

As an example, if there is damage to your home that is in excess of your policy amount, the umbrella insurance policy will pick up the remainder up to the amount that is covered by umbrella insurance. At the same time, if there is damage to your vehicle that is in excess of that policy’s amount, the umbrella insurance policy will also be able to pick up the remainder. This offers a flexible and easy way to extend the value of your insurance policies at what is usually a lower cost than purchasing more coverage individually.

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