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Condo & Home Insurance – What’s the Difference?

What's the Difference?: Condo & Home Insurance

Buying a condo is similar to buying a home in many ways because you get the freedom of owning your own place, but you also share the building with all the other tenants. So how does insurance work?  They Key Differences One of the main differences between home and condo ownership resides in how much

What You Need To Know About Property Insurance

Property insurance and security concept with a dark background

Property Insurance Basics  Property insurance is a very broad term that refers to any insurance policy that will protect your property, which can include physical property or even your identity. Knowing what type of property insurance you need to protect your assets can help to ensure that you have the protection that you deserve. Some

Tips for Insuring Your Condo

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Condominiums have unique insurance requirements, as they are not insured like apartments, nor are they insured like houses. Many condo owners fail to realize that they have much more responsibility in insuring their condo than previously assumed. While your condo association will have insurance protection for any shared areas, there are a variety of areas

Insuring a Co-Op or Condo

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Like all large purchases in life, when you purchase a co-op or a condo, you are required to protect yours and the bank’s investment with an insurance policy. When purchasing the bare minimum insurance for your condo or co-op, you leave your personal items vulnerable and you may leave yourself liable. In order to protect

Condo Insurance Made Clear

When you move into a condo, the condo association will should have its own policy. This policy covers the public areas of the building, the building structure, and liability insurance. You will need your own insurance policy to cover what isn’t covered by the association’s policy–but what is that? Your personal belongings. This includes furniture, appliances

What You Need to Know about Insuring a Condo or Co-op

If you own a condo or a co-op, you know that insuring such a property is different from insuring a single family home. After all, you may not have a yard or a garage. In addition, some major features of the dwelling, such as the roof and the furnace, are usually shared by more than