Sinkholes and Insurance

A sinkhole isn’t a problem — until it happens to you! At that point, you may literally find your assets going down the drain. Unfortunately, some areas are especially likely for sinkholes to become a problem, but the results can vary from a complete giving way of the ground to a visible dent in the earth. Larger holes can damage the structure of your home, or even worse. They can total your vehicles and injure your loved ones if you’re inside at the time. Officials may even go so far as to condemn buildings on the site of a sinkhole, so you have to find somewhere to live, perhaps permanently.

If you’re building or moving to a location where you know that sinkholes are an issue, you’ll want to add sinkhole protection to your insurance policies because not every home insurance policy includes sinkhole coverage. This coverage can protect you from the physical and financial loss that occurs after a sinkhole.

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