Safety Tips Your Teen Driver Needs to Know Before Getting Out on the Road Alone

Freedom is one of the many things a teen driver feels when they receive their driver’s license. However, this newfound freedom can be a risk. A number of problems and situations will arise that your teen has never experienced. Therefore, as a parent, you need to ensure your teen is comfortable and safe on the road. Here are a few safety tips to ensure your child is aware of:

  1. Do not use a cell phone while driving. No calls should be made and text messages shouldn’t be typed. This is how accidents happen.
  2. Spend a Saturday or Sunday teaching your child how to change a tire. Alternatively, you can make sure your teen has a roadside assistance number.
  3. Make sure your teen knows to never drive drunk and never get in a vehicle with someone that has been drinking.
  4. Ensure your teen driver knows what to do in the event of an accident. Insurance should be exchanged and police should be called. Never discuss the accident, and never apologize as you could be taking blame by doing so. Use a camera or cell phone to take pictures of all vehicles involved. If the vehicle is drivable and medical treatment is not required, leave the scene with the flashers on.
  5. Make certain that a pair of jumper cables are always in your teen’s car. When their battery is dead because they forgot to turn the lights off, they’ll be able to get help from a friend or a police officer. Make sure they never receive help from a stranger unless in a very public area.
  6. Speak with your teen about how to handle being pulled over by the police. Ensure they are aware they need to pull over as soon as they are able and that they should not argue or make sudden moves.

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