Why You Need to Review Your Homeowners Insurance Policy

Why You Need to Review Your Homeowners Insurance Policy

If there’s one piece of advice we can give you it’s to never assume, especially when you are dealing with something as important as your homeowners insurance policy. 

Homeowners insurance can be a confusing policy to understand. Riddled into every sentence there lies insurance lingo which almost seems like it was created to confuse. Each policy is as different as the owner of that policy. If you have never read your policy from cover to cover, it is time you do so. Because you depend on this coverage to protect your home from disaster, it is important that you never make an assumption regarding coverage, because it may be an extremely costly assumption. Here is what you should look for when renewing your policy.


You need to look at your liability if you have added any “attractive nuisances,” as the insurance world calls them. Attractive nuisances are things like pools, trampolines, tree houses, and other things of the sort. While they may be fun, they also increase your liability risk.


Coverage reaches a limit at 50 to 70 percent of the amount of coverage for which you covered your home. You should review your contents coverage if you made any recent big purchases like a big flatscreen, art, jewelry, and other such purchases.


You need to cover your home for the right amount of protection. Some people believe that they only need enough coverage to cover their mortgage, but they are wrong. If your home is completely decimated, you must think of the cost it’s going to take to rebuild it. Clean-up crew, raw materials, and construction quickly add up.

Never make any assumptions about your home insurance policy, because it can be a costly and easily preventable assumption. For all your homeowners insurance needs in Dallas and surrounding areas in Texas, visit the professionals at North American Advantage Insurance Services.