Reconstruction Costs Differ Among States

Reconstruction costs vary from state to state for a several reasons. Although Southern California, Florida and Texas have somewhat similar climates, each has its own variables that can affect the cost of construction. California, for example is known for earthquakes, and buildings that are built there must meet specific codes and employ the use of certain materials to meet these codes.

Florida and Texas have different issues. Both are prone to hurricanes and Florida is especially known for its high humidity. The extreme weather conditions these three states endure on a regular basis call for materials and construction techniques that can dramatically influence the price of rebuilding a damaged home. The cost of rebuilding a home or other structure is also influenced by the economic trends in a specific area of the country. Areas that are hardest hit by inflation can cause the cost of materials and labor to rise.

The professionals at North American Advantage Insurance Services can explain why reconstruction costs vary from state to state. They can also discuss the reasons why certain types of damage is covered more completely than others.