Knowing when to Use the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association

People who own a home are constantly at risk for incurring wind damage to their property. Homes that are located in high risk areas where large wind storms like to form are more likely to have to file an insurance claim on their home. But knowing when to call your insurance company or when to call the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association can be difficult if you do not follow some guidelines.

Knowing When to File a Wind Claim

Some insurance policies in the state of Texas do not cover wind or hail damage. In order for a homeowner to get coverage they have to buy a policy from an agency that offers the coverage. If your home has been damaged in a storm and hail or wind has been determined as the cause of the damage, you will then call the company that insures your home for that type of peril.

If you have questions about whether or not to file a wind claim we can help. The North American Advantage Insurance Services are ready to help you work through your property damage. Feel free to visit our website to learn more about the issues you face. We provide the information you need to answer your questions.