How to Avoid Buying a Water-Damaged Car

Car buying can be exciting, frustrating, and it can also be a scam.  To avoid purchasing a water-damaged car, there are a few things that you can do.  These instances will keep you on a straight path to purchasing the car you want instead of wasting money on a damaged car.

The first thing you need to do is conduct a vehicle history report.  With this report, you will be able to see previous damage that the car has endured and avoid paying for a car that is not up to your standards.  A car that has water damage will be labeled as so or have a salvaged title.

Another thing that you can do is inspect the vehicle.  A car that has be submerged in water will give you all of the signs that you need.  Although the car may have been cleaned up pretty well, there are a few details that will not be able to be covered up.  A car that has been in water for a period of time will have a mold or mildew smell to it.  You can also look for dirt and sand that appears in strange places.  These are two signs that will help you determine if a car has water-damage or not.

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