How Can My Pet Affect My Insurance?

Millions of families share their homes with at least one faithful companion animal. Dogs are by far the most popular choice among pet owners, but these pups can have a surprising impact on homeowners insurance costs. You must report your pets to your insurance company if they ask about them. Most insurance providers will enquire because your dog could cause quite a bit of damage to your property. It is also recommended that you call and update your policy when you add a new pet to the family or there may be an issue when you make a claim.

Some insurance companies charge high extra fees for homeowners keeping dogs that are considered risky. Breeds with the highest report bites to humans, such as pit bulls and Dobermans, often land on these lists. Checking how dogs can affect your insurance policy requires a call to your current insurance provider. Shopping around may help you find an alternative option that provides better coverage at a lower price no matter what breed you own.

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