Save Money By Fixing These Home Issues

Home Issues

Fix these home issues before they tear into your house and wallet.

Homeowners, do you already have a home maintenance checklist? You are probably aware that one must insulate the pipes before winter, caulk the windows and doors, and touch up the paint now and again. That’s a good start, but there are some jobs that homeowners often forget to add to their list.

Here are some of the important home maintenance tasks that may not be on your list – but will cause a big headache, or worse, large sums of money if you neglect them for too long!

Sump pump – It’s easy enough to forget, but it can hurt your finances in the long run if you do. Test your sump pump to make sure that it’s in good working order. Fixing any repairs now could be the difference between saving your home from a flood and wading through several inches of water.

Plumbing – Fixing leaky faucets and plumbing leaks can save the average homeowner around 10 percent on water bills. Leaks or burst pipes damages walls, floors, and foundations, with repair costs reaching thousands of dollars. Fixing faucets is easy enough – but make sure that you do it!

Paint – Your exterior paint keeps your house looking sharp while protecting the building from harsh weather. Search for areas of dry, chalky paint that are cracked and flaking. Small areas can be sanded and repainted fairly easily. For bigger jobs, call the professionals before water and pests cause more damage.

Roof – Clean out the gutters regularly to prevent debris build up, potentially causing a blockage. While you’re at it, direct downspouts away from your home, and inspect the roof for damage. Replace missing shingles from the roof and be aware that dark spots could indicate a leak! For serious issues, leave it to the pros.

Taking care of your home is part of your role as a homeowner. Protecting it with homeowners insurance is a sure way to prevent financial and property damage. Visit the professionals at North American Advantage Insurance Services for the homeowners insurance that you deserve in Dallas, Texas.