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Home Maintenance Tips for the Fall

Home Maintenance Tips

Homeowners, prepare your home for the upcoming autumn season. While the thought of fall may bring a chill to homeowners, ensuring your property is kept clear of damage in autumn weather is a task to take on now! As we may well be about to face inclement and adverse weather, spare a thought for your

Tips To Follow When Buying A Home

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Thinking Of Buying A Home? Use These Tips To Get Ready Whether you are just starting the home buying process or have been thinking about buying a home for years, you can make your process easier and more fruitful with a handful of action items. Preparing for this major investment will benefit you so here

Tips for Buying Homeowners Insurance

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If you’re shopping for a new homeowners insurance policy, put these tips to work for you.   Since your home is one of the biggest investments you’ve ever made, you want to protect it. You know that homeowners insurance can do exactly that, but you also know that you need the right policy to get

Fourth of July Firework Safety Tips


Happy 4th of July from North American Advantage Insurance! It is important to remember to stay safe around fireworks and sparklers tonight as you celebrate! Although they are a large part of the holiday festivities, they can be dangerous if not used correctly. Following these firework safety tips can help ensure everyone stays safe this holiday:%MCEPASTEBIN%

Condo & Home Insurance – What’s the Difference?

What's the Difference?: Condo & Home Insurance

Buying a condo is similar to buying a home in many ways because you get the freedom of owning your own place, but you also share the building with all the other tenants. So how does insurance work?  They Key Differences One of the main differences between home and condo ownership resides in how much

Why You Need to Review Your Homeowners Insurance Policy

Why You Need to Review Your Homeowners Insurance Policy

If there’s one piece of advice we can give you it’s to never assume, especially when you are dealing with something as important as your homeowners insurance policy.  Homeowners insurance can be a confusing policy to understand. Riddled into every sentence there lies insurance lingo which almost seems like it was created to confuse. Each

Home Maintenance Tips for the Spring

Home Maintenance Tips for the Spring

Spring is a wonderful season that gives you the great opportunity to do some home maintenance for the year.  Spring is the time when flowers blossom and everything is reborn. The weather gets warmer and the days grow longer and there’s a positive energy in the air. It is the perfect time to reorganize and