Four Auto Insurance Myths

There are a lot of auto insurance myths out there. It is important to be aware of these myths before you shop for car insurance. Here are four auto insurance myths.

Myth #1: The Older You Get, the More Expensive Your Insurance Gets

The truth is that your car insurance rates can actually go down as you get older. Once you reach 55, you can take an accident prevention course and get your insurance rates reduced.

Myth #2: Soldiers Pay More for Coverage

People in the military actually pay less for car insurance than civilians. They qualify for a discount on car insurance.

Myth #3: Color Determines Price of Car Insurance

The color of your car has no effect on the price of your car insurance. Instead, car insurance premiums are based on model, make and engine size of the vehicle.

Myth #4: Your Car Insurance Policy Will Cover You If Your Care Is Stolen, Vandalized or Damaged

Your insurance company will only cover you if your car has comprehensive and collision coverage. Many people lower their coverage as their cars get older. If your car only has liability coverage, it will not be protected against theft and damage.

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