Florida Wind Mitigation Credits

Florida residents should be aware of the existence and availability of wind mitigation credits. Properties that have appropriate improvements and features that may potentially reduce wind damage can lower their insurance premiums. Many homeowners may not even realize that their property currently has wind resistive features, and they may not be getting the widen mitigation credits that they deserve. Not all wind mitigation structures may be immediately apparent on viewing, such as roof to wall connections within the framework of the property.

Those who believe they may qualify for wind mitigation credits should contact their insurance companies and get an update to their insurance quotes. Many homes today have some form of wind mitigation, especially those in high wind areas that are prone to storms, such as Florida. A wind mitigation inspector can help a homeowner determine whether their home meets certain wind mitigation standards and what credits, if any, they may be approved for. Homeowners can also install certain wind mitigation features such as special doors and windows to further increase their credits as well as the safety of their home.

For more information about wind loss mitigation credits contact the insurance experts at North American Advantage Insurance Services.