DriveMode: The App that Can Keep your Teen Safe on the Road

If you have had any experience with teen drivers and auto insurance rates, you have probably gotten your eyes opened. The inexperience of these young drivers can cause your rates to skyrocket. At North American Advantage Insurance Services, we support anything that can potentially help save money on your insurance premiums. That’s why we like the AT&T DriveMode app to help reduce texting and driving.

Texting and driving can make drivers 23 times more likely to be involved in an accident. The DriveMode app can help reduce these numbers. When activated, the app detects when a driver is moving in a vehicle. It will then automatically respond to any text sent to the driver’s phone with a message indicating the message has been received, and the driver will respond when they are in a safer circumstance to do so. Drivers have the assurance that all messages are being responded to immediately, and they can focus on the road.

When they download the app, drivers are also taking the “Don’t Text and Drive” pledge, an initiative we should all support. If you have a teen driver and are concerned about auto insurance rates, contact us. We are North American Advantage Insurance Services and we are pleased to serve the Irving, Texas region.