Do You Need Renter’s Insurance?

Whether you are a college student or retired couple, if you’re renting a place, you can benefit from what renters insurance has to offer. The following FAQs gives you a greater idea of how renters insurance can protect your interests.

What’s covered in Renters Insurance?

Renters Insurance provides you with personal items protection, personal liability protection, reimbursed living costs and visitor medical protection in case a guest is injured in your home. The amount of coverage depends on your policy. The more valuable your possessions, the move coverage you should acquire.

Am I protected under my landlord’s policy?

No, your landlord’s insurance covers structural damage to his house or apartment, not your personal belongings.

If my possessions are not that expensive, do I still need renters coverage?

In the event of fire, you may lose most or all of your belongings to include furniture, electronics, clothing, etc. These costs can add up quickly, leaving you with a hefty bill to replace basic items.

Renters insurance coverage can easily be obtained at reasonable prices.  For information on policy options and costs, be sure to contact North American Advantage Insurance Services located in Irving, TX.