Combine Your Home Inventory and Spring Cleaning

Everyone knows that they should have a home inventory so that they can replace their items in case of theft or fire. However, statistics show that more than half of homeowners just don’t ever get around to creating a home inventory. This year, as you are turning your home upside down for spring cleaning, take the opportunity to make a list of your possessions.

As you empty cupboards and closets, have a notebook handy. Every page of the notebook should have a category. Electronics, jewelry, and heirloom items are all good categories to start with. Quickly jot down the items in the room that fit into each category. For articles that have serial numbers, like firearms or electronics, you probably should make a note of the serial number and the manufacturer. Don’t forget to list items that are seldom used and stored in odd places, like holiday decor or special dishes.

Take a few pictures of the items that you are listing. For some things, like clothing or books, a picture of the whole closet or bookshelf will do. However, for more valuable items, like jewelry, you may want to photograph each piece individually.

Many computer programs exist to make this process easier, and there are websites where you can securely store your inventory and photos for retrieval when you need the documents. Otherwise, you should store your photos and possession listings in a safety deposit box or a fireproof safe.

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