If Your Car Is Affected By A Safety Recall, What Can You Do?

What to Do if Your Car Is Recalled

Vehicle safety recalls can be confusing and worrisome if they affect you or your car. Get rid of some of the confusion and give yourself some peace of mind. Here is some useful information about safety recalls and what you can do if one happens to you.

What is a safety recall?

A safety recall is when a product has a possible defect or does not meet the federal safety standards and the manufacturer has to remedy the situation. Recalls can be ordered by both the manufacturer or by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), and the recall reports must include:

  • Details of the applicable vehicles and equipment that is affected
  • Description of the defect or non-compliance issues
  • Explanation of the remedy
  • What led up to the decision for the recall
  • The schedule for the recall

What can be recalled?

Normal wear and tear on aging vehicles does not warrant a recall. Recalls are used when defects that present a safety threat are discovered. Some defects that can cause a recall are:

  • Defective windshield wipers
  • Malfunctioning steering equipment or transmission
  • Leaky fuel systems
  • Airbag problems
  • Seat belt issues

What can you do in the event of a recall?

When something in your car is recalled, the manufacturer usually has a solution. Possible solutions include:

  • Repairs: The manufacturer will often repair the vehicle or defective part. If they cannot fix it themselves, they will tell you where to go to get it fixed.
  • Replacements: If the problem is too large or complicated to fix, the manufacturer might provide you with a new vehicle of a similar model and give you instructions for collecting your replacement.
  • Refunds: If repairs cannot be made and there are no comparable replacements available, the manufacturer will send you a refund for the product at its current value, factoring in depreciation.

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