Captive Carriers and Direct Writers

When you are looking for insurance, you need to be aware of the difference between captive carriers and direct insurance writers. Captive providers are also referred to as exclusive agents. With direct insurers, you deal directly with one insurance company and no agent is involved. Independent agents work with multiple insurance providers. The rate quotes you receive depend on the type of carrier.

Captive Carriers

A captive insurance carrier is an agent that works with one insurance provider. The agency can be privately owned, but the agent is under an exclusive contract and only provides quotes and insurance from the parent company. Captive insurers sometimes only provide service to specific industries, for example mining, maritime or energy.

Direct Writers

Direct writers work for the insurance company, not an agency. You will often find this type of insurance when you look for life or health insurance providers. Again, you will not receive quotes from multiple providers and you will not work with one agent. When you need assistance, your call is often routed through call centers.

North American Advantage Insurance Services is an independent insurance agency and writer, providing services to twenty-three states in the U.S. When you contact the company, you can obtain multiple insurance quotes to ensure you get the best rates. You also have an agent that cares about making sure you have the right insurance for your needs.