Best Options for Earthquake Insurance in California

North American Advantage Insurance Services helps you stay in position for the best earthquake insurance. If you live in California, you will want to connect with us to recover any losses because of damaged property. We have CEA-member providers that offer fair and reasonable earthquake insurance.

Earthquake Coverage

Regular earthquake insurance covers the loss of property and structural damage to homes in the event of a devastating earthquake. Because of the geographical location of California, earthquake insurance is mandatory by law (“mandatory offer law‘). However, insurers have found a way to provide adequate coverage without losing all of their resources in the event that an earthquake destroys a number of homes at one time. This protective measure is referred to as the “mini policy.”


The CEA (California Earthquake Authority), which was formed to protect insurance companies against overbearing mandates, developed and adopted the mini-policy. In short, a mini policy is a reduced coverage policy. The mini policy is designed as a compromise. It helps insurance companies obey government mandates, while offering compensation packages that won’t run them dry.

While these measures may seem more protective of the insurance companies, they keep insurance premiums at reasonable rates and premiums for all consumers.

We Can Help

North American Advantage Insurance Services offers packages from CEA members as well as a number of different earthquake insurance providers. All of our partner providers cover damaged property. However, you may want to contact us to get the best coverage for your California home. Contact North American Advantage Insurance Services today to find out which earthquake insurance providers would be more appropriate for your family.