Top Benefits that Millennial Employees Want

Benefits that Millennial Employees Want

Are you looking to attract Millennials to your organization? Read on for their top workplace perks!

It’s no secret that the large workforce demographic that is changing the workplace is the Millennial generation. This younger generation is less likely to be wowed by traditional HR benefits than past generations. Millennials are more interested in how the culture of a business speaks to them.

If your business is looking to attract the next generation of employees, you’ll want to offer some benefits that score big points among this workforce. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to cost your company the big bucks.

Here’re the top benefits that Millennial employees want!

Unlimited Paid Time Off – This group of workers is interested in work-life integration, making the pieces of their professional life and personal life align so that they integrate seamlessly. This means that they aren’t confined to one sole vacation each year.

Remote Work – Millennials don’t want to feel chained to their desk. In keeping with the work-life integration, three out of five Millennials expect to be able to work remotely. Fortunately, with the rise of instant messaging, conference calls, and online task completion, working remotely is entirely possible – and easy!

Flexible Schedule – Along with the telecommuting option, today’s employees want to have a flexible work day without scheduled work hours. This provides the freedom to plan their day to meet work goals and run errands.

Ongoing Performance Assessments – Millennials are eager for feedback, performance assessment, and professional development opportunities. This demonstrates that they are hungry to learn and grow in their careers, meaning that they aim to feel fulfilled and engaged at work.

Lifestyle Solutions – As the line between work, play, and family becomes more blurred, Millennial employees are seeking benefits that can meet these needs. Benefits can entail access to dog walkers, child care providers, therapists, and Uber rides.

Community Perks – Many young professionals grew up volunteering and participating in group activities, and they don’t want to give those up now that they’ve entered the workforce. Employers can provide paid time off for volunteering, organized clubs for employees, team training for a marathon, or regular potlucks.

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