Avoiding Drinking and Driving During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is a time for frequent parties and celebrations and alcohol is a common guest at these gatherings. Bringing in the New Year almost seems synonymous with having at least one drink to toast! Unfortunately, this means that drinking and driving is also prevalent throughout the season. The risks that this presents for everyone involved, and everyone else on the road, however, should cause anyone to hesitate. A horrific accident is the worst way to celebrate the holidays.

If no one wants to have to abstain during the holiday parties, look up transportation options in the area. Splitting a cab ride between several people can often come to a very reasonable rate. If the party is far from home, consider finding a place to spend the night and return in the morning. Check also for buses or other forms of mass transportation. Some cities will also have organizations dedicated to providing safe rides for people throughout the holiday season, so see if there is anything similar nearby. Always remember that no drink is worth a life.

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