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What to Ask Before Buying Auto Insurance

What to Ask Before Buying Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is not something you should buy blindly, so make sure you know the answers to these questions before you purchase your car insurance.  The easiest ways to go about purchasing life insurance is to go with what your friends or family use, or the company whose commercials you watch the most. But going

Gas Saving Habits for Every Motorist

Gas Saving Habits

Looking to save money each month? Every motorist these days is looking to save a dollar here and there. It all adds up so that you can save money throughout the year. Getting better fuel economy is a large factor in what weighs on your wallet. Not only that, but getting more miles out of

Safety Tips for Driving in Rain and Wind

Rain and Wind Driving Tips

Drive safely in high winds and heavy rain. With the winter comes adverse weather. This includes everything from rain, storms, and high winds. As motorists, these conditions make it extremely difficult to drive in. So that you’re prepared for the rainy and windy weather ahead, read on for essential safety driving tips! Rain: Before you

How to Winterize Your Car

Winterize Your Car

Dash through the snow with a winter-ready vehicle. As the temperature’s steadily dropping, now is the time to prepare your set of wheels for the wintery roads ahead. While Texas may not be home to snow and ice during the winter, the driving conditions do change – requiring motorists on the road to adapt their

4 Steps to Switch Your Auto Insurance

Switch Car Insurance

Tips to make the switch of your auto insurance a smooth one. Are you looking for full coverage car insurance? Perhaps you’re hoping to move to a local insurer? Either way, when you decide that you want to change your auto insurance, it’s tricky to know where to begin. So that your switch is a

Hit the Road With These Thanksgiving Travel Tips

Thanksgiving Travel Tips

Navigate the Thanksgiving traffic with these travel tricks. The holiday season is just around the corner, and that means one thing: bad traffic. We’re not talking about the mid-afternoon congestion; we’re talking about the heading-home-for-the-holidays pile up! Whether you’re heading into the city or to the in-law’s cabin, you’ll likely experience heavy traffic both to,

8-Step Guide to Car Break Downs

Guide to Car Break Downs

Here’s how to handle your car breaking down. We’ve all been there: we’re driving along the road just fine, then next thing we know, we hear a clunk and our car rolls to a stop. While determining the root of the problem isn’t always easy, handling the breakdown can be simple. Instead of getting flustered