Main Influences of Auto Insurance Rates

Auto Insurance Rates

Many of us simply pay the bill each month without wondering why we pay the amount we do. If you are satisfied with your auto insurance rates now, imagine how much better they would be if you knew which life factors are contributing to your auto insurance rates. We want you to be getting the best deal for your dollar, which is why we have compiled a list of the main influencing factors of your auto insurance rates:

  • Nearly everyone knows that their driving history affects their auto insurance rates. If you have a long line of tickets on your driving record or multiple accidents, it may be hard for you to find an affordable policy. Your driving record gives insurance companies insight into your driving habits, which will reflect your premium amount accordingly.
  • There are so many rumors surrounding how the car you drive affects your auto insurance premium. Yes, your car does influence your rates, but not just because it is red or yellow. Rather, insurance carriers will evaluate the safety factor of your car in calculating your premium amount. If you have an SUV with a high tipping history, you can expect rates to be slightly elevated. Try to choose a car with a high safety rating that has additional safety features, which can land you some auto insurance discounts.
  • A main influence that is completely out of your control is your demographic. If you are a teenager, your inexperience on the roads will inherently leave you with elevated auto insurance rates. In contrast, if you have been driving for 20+ years, you can take advantage of the experienced driver discount.

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