9 Ways to Improve Your Overall Home Security Situation

Your home is your heaven and safe haven.  It is the place where you intend on having a family and comfortably spending the rest of your days.  In order to keep your family and valuables safe, there are 9 tips that will help you keep everyone and everything safe and sound.

1. Changing the Locks

When you move into a new home, make sure you change all of the locks.  You never know who has an extra set of keys to your home.  Change the locks to be on the safe side.

2. Purchase an Alarm System

There are many different alarm systems that can be purchased.  Weigh your options and choose the best alarm system that meets the needs of your family and your home.

3. Hide All Wiring

Instead of leaving wires out, which are visible to the naked eye, try your best to hide all wiring.  A burglar can cut wires that will deactivate your home’s security system and enter your home.

4. Create an Illusion

When you are going on vacation, ask your neighbors to grab your mail and leave a few of the lights on in your home.  This creates the illusion that someone is home, even though you are on vacation.

5. Do Not Leave A Key

A lot of people think leaving a key in the mailbox is a secret of the secret service, but it is not.  This is one of the places that a burglar will look.  Instead, give your neighbor a spare key, just in case you are locked out of your home.

6. Light It Up

Whether you are home or not, make sure that the entrance to your home is lit by a porch light or another source of light.  Burglars do not like to be in the spotlight.  Lighting your entrance way gives a burglar one more reason to bypass your home.

7. Installing Deadbolts

Deadbolt locks are the best for securing your home.  Unlike regular door locks, deadbolt locks cannot be destroyed or tampered with in order to enter your home.

8. Using Interior Door Hinges

Hinges that are on the outside of your home are an invitation for burglars because it is easy to pry through and enter a home.  To be safe, remove the door and reset the hinges.  Make sure that the hinges are on the inside of your home.

9. Protecting Your Windows

A window is usually an easy entry into a home.  It will be in your best interest to invest in window locks and glass that is burglar-resistant.

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