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Make Your Home A Part Of Your New Year’s Resolution This Year!

New Years Resolutions for your Home

New Year’s Resolution For Your Home! New Year’s is a time for reflection and new beginnings. New Year’s resolutions are how we want to change or fix things in our life for the New Year. In the spirit of new beginnings, taking a look at your home and make the changes you just have not

Stay Safe On The Roads With These Tips For Driving In Winter Weather

Auto Insurance and Winter Driving

Driving Safely In Winter Weather Conditions The winter season brings with it a slew of weather that is dangerous or difficult to drive in. Regardless of snow or rain or other bad weather, life keeps moving, and people have places they need to get to. If you find yourself having to drive in bad weather,

Holiday Fire Prevention Tips For Homeowners

Homeowners and Fire Prevention

Holiday Fire Prevention For Homeowners The holidays are a big time for home fires because of all the cooking, decorations, and extra people in your home. With all the things on your plate fire prevention may fall to the wayside. Here are some safety tips to help you prevent fires this holiday season! Fireplaces: Before you

How Home Renovations Affect Your Insurance Premiums

Home Renovations and Insurance Premiums

Many homeowners looking to conduct home renovations do not stop to think about how this major project will affect their insurance premiums. When it comes to home renovations and insurance premiums, you must accept the increases if you want your new addition to receive coverage. Many homeowners think they can get around this clause by