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Daylight Savings Time – Time to Fall Back

Daylight Savings Time, Fall Back

Fall is here which means it is time to fall back and change our clocks! Daylight savings time is preferred by many and despised by some, but the question is, “why do we observe daylight savings time in the first place?” Daylight savings time was first suggested by Benjamin Franklin in 1784, however, his suggestion

Weather Watches Vs. Weather Warnings

Understanding Tropical Weather Watches and Warnings

As hurricane and tropical storm season fast approaches, it becomes increasingly more important that we prepare for the worst and protect ourselves and our homes. In doing so, understanding tropical weather watches and warnings is crucial. We understand this can be an overwhelming topic, because thinking about a storm hitting your hometown is likely the

Bad Driving Habits to Avoid

Dallas Auto Insurance

Our vehicles require a great deal of attention in order to provide us with years of joyous road trips. There are a variety of driving habits that many motorists partake in that actually hinder the longevity of their car. Whether you partake in these life draining habits due to myths, lack of knowledgeable information, or

Car Insurance Terms Explained

Dallas Auto Insurance Terms

Insurance can be a complex subject, especially when you do not understand the insurance terms associated with the description of a coverage option. As professionals in the field, we understand the importance of understanding which coverage options would best protect you and your assets. In doing so, we have gathered a list of car insurance

Tips for Insuring Your Condo

Dallas Condo Insurance

Condominiums have unique insurance requirements, as they are not insured like apartments, nor are they insured like houses. Many condo owners fail to realize that they have much more responsibility in insuring their condo than previously assumed. While your condo association will have insurance protection for any shared areas, there are a variety of areas

Insurance Tips During the Home Selling Process

Dallas Homeowners Insurance

During the home selling process, you have a variety of planning measures and considerations on your plate. However, many home sellers neglect the importance of altering their homeowners’ insurance policy to meet the needs of the sale. We understand that you have a lot to plan for during this time, which is why we have

Fall Driving Tips for Changing Conditions

Dallas Auto Insurance

As we transition into the new season, we must give ourselves a fall driving safety reminder to ensure that we are safe on the roads. Each season presents new hazards and risks on the road, which is why we have gathered a list of some fall driving tips to keep you and others on the