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Umbrella Liability Insurance Offers Extra Protection

Many types of insurance, such as homeowners’ insurance, auto insurance, renter’s insurance, and business insurance  are either required or at the very least highly advised, and there are a wide range of policies available from many different insurance providers. Getting basic liability insurance for any of these things is a good start, but it is

Condo Insurance Made Clear

When you move into a condo, the condo association will should have its own policy. This policy covers the public areas of the building, the building structure, and liability insurance. You will need your own insurance policy to cover what isn’t covered by the association’s policy–but what is that? Your personal belongings. This includes furniture, appliances

Factors that Change Your Insurance Needs

Trying to decide if you need to update your current insurance policy? According an article found on the Insurance Information Institute website, if one or more of these major life events have taken place in your recent past, they could affect how much insurance you need and what your rates will be. Marriage. Did you recently

10 Steps to a Smooth Home Renovation

When it comes to renovating your home, it’s not an easy project to handle on your own. More than likely, you’ll hire a professional for all or most of the work. Regardless, home renovations are time-consuming, stressful and costly, but it is possible to make sure you get the most out of your money and

Flood Facts: Are you Covered?

Many homeowners feel that flood damage is covered under their homeowners insurance policy. However, this is generally not true. It’s important to be properly educated on this, so here are a few flood insurance and flood facts: Each of the 50 states have had some level of flooding in the past five years. If you