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What is a Public Adjuster?

A haggler might insist a public adjuster is really a private adjuster since they are hired and paid by the insurance policy holder. On the other hand, they are available to the public when it comes to getting what is due from an insurance claim.  A public adjuster will assess your damage, interpret just what

Things You Should Pay Attention To During an Apartment Search

If you are currently looking for an apartment to live in, you need to take your time. If you just take the first apartment you see, you could end up choosing the wrong one. Here are some of the things you should pay attention to during apartment searching.  Construction One of the most important factors

9 Ways to Improve Your Overall Home Security Situation

Your home is your heaven and safe haven.  It is the place where you intend on having a family and comfortably spending the rest of your days.  In order to keep your family and valuables safe, there are 9 tips that will help you keep everyone and everything safe and sound. 1. Changing the Locks

4 Essentials for Nighttime Driving

Driving and traveling at night poses many dangers, but driving and traveling at night during the winter months poses even more concerns for drivers and passengers.  There are many different challenges that this season brings, such as the unfavorable weather conditions.  From howling winds that could rock your vehicle, to snow and black ice.  Aside

5 Tips for Keeping Your Vehicle In Top-of-the Line Shape

Regardless of where you purchase a car, they are not cheap.  Instead of wasting money on unnecessary parts and fixes, there are a few things that you can do to keep your vehicle in the best shape for many years to come. 1. Checking Fluids and Replacing Them Checking and replacing fluids is an essential

Updating Your Home Inventory in 2014

Now that you’ve rang in 2014, it’s time to put away the gifts and get ready for all the adventures the new year has in store. Don’t forget to update your home inventory, however. All those new gifts you received mean your insurance needs may change, so prioritize this important task today. Add New Electronics

Will My Insurance Pay for a Loss In My Car’s Value if it Is Damaged In a Collision?

When it comes to insurance coverage and car accidents it can be difficult to know what your insurance policy covers and what it does not. Taking the time to know a bit about your auto insurance is the first step to determining if your insurance covers loss in your car’s value in the event of