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Are you in a flood zone?

One of the more difficult types of insurance to purchase is flood insurance. Before you can purchase insurance and make sure you are properly covered, you have to learn how to find out if you are in a flood zone. A flood zone is an area of land that has been deemed especially prone to

DriveMode: The App that Can Keep your Teen Safe on the Road

If you have had any experience with teen drivers and auto insurance rates, you have probably gotten your eyes opened. The inexperience of these young drivers can cause your rates to skyrocket. At North American Advantage Insurance Services, we support anything that can potentially help save money on your insurance premiums. That’s why we like

Getting Ready for a Road Trip? Make Sure Your RV is Properly Insured

There’s nothing like the freedom of taking road trips in RVs, especially when you can continue to enjoy many of the same comforts of home. Having the proper RV insurance will enable you to relax and enjoy your road trip to the full. Much like auto insurance, RV coverage will protect you and your family

Plans to Remodel your Home? Why you Need to Contact your Insurance Agent

As a homeowner, you may want to do some home remodeling to update the look of your surroundings or are planning to sell soon and want to add value to put it on the market at a higher price. While this sounds like a great idea, before you get started, it’s important to review your

Times When a Personal Umbrella Policy Would Come in Handy

An umbrella insurance policy is essentially an extension of your other policies, such as homeowners insurance and automobile insurance. You can get an umbrella insurance policy if you feel that the coverage on your other policies is not enough but you don’t want to extend each policy on an individual basis. An umbrella insurance policy

Calculating a True Need for Homeowners Insurance

Purchasing homeowners insurance can be a bit of a tricky thing. The question of how much coverage do you need to adequately insure a home from damage is often mistaken for the purchase price or market price of a home. However, repairing a house independently will most likely be more; builders often use economies of

Back to School! Is your College Student Covered?

As your adult child heads off to college, you’re probably most concerned about him having adequate health care coverage, but there are other insurance policies that are also important. No matter where your child is going to school, or in what type of housing he’s living, there are a couple of policies to consider: If