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How Can My Pet Affect My Insurance?

Millions of families share their homes with at least one faithful companion animal. Dogs are by far the most popular choice among pet owners, but these pups can have a surprising impact on homeowners insurance costs. You must report your pets to your insurance company if they ask about them. Most insurance providers will enquire

Reconstruction Costs Differ Among States

Reconstruction costs vary from state to state for a several reasons. Although Southern California, Florida and Texas have somewhat similar climates, each has its own variables that can affect the cost of construction. California, for example is known for earthquakes, and buildings that are built there must meet specific codes and employ the use of

What Endorsements and Policy Forms Can Do For You

Home owner’s buy insurance to protect themselves from financial loss if something happens to their homes. For several decades the standard policy for most homes was the HO3. This was very generic but served its purpose quite well. It had limitations, however, especially when it came to water damage and the replacement cost of certain

Understanding What Affects Replacement Cost Estimates

Living in an area where natural disasters are common, it’s a good idea to work with an insurance company who can explain things in a language you understand. If you have received damage to your home due to a natural disaster, an adjuster will use a replacement cost estimator to help determine the total value

Liability vs. Personal Injury: What’s the Difference?

Liability and personal injury insurance are similar in that they protect individuals from various types of injury. They are different, however, in exactly what types of actions they protect against. For example, general liability insurance protects a person from financial loss due to bodily injury or the destruction of property. In most cases, the event

Sink Hole or Catastrophic Ground Collapse? Know the Difference

Florida provides specific points to define the differences between sink hole and catastrophic ground collapse. Florida law requires homeowner insurance coverage to include catastrophic ground collapse but a separate sink hole policy would be needed to cover damage that doesn’t qualify. There are 4 criteria for insurance coverage as written into Florida law for geological

Best Options for Earthquake Insurance in California

North American Advantage Insurance Services helps you stay in position for the best earthquake insurance. If you live in California, you will want to connect with us to recover any losses because of damaged property. We have CEA-member providers that offer fair and reasonable earthquake insurance. Earthquake Coverage Regular earthquake insurance covers the loss of