Monthly Archives: April 2013

Knowing when to Use the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association

People who own a home are constantly at risk for incurring wind damage to their property. Homes that are located in high risk areas where large wind storms like to form are more likely to have to file an insurance claim on their home. But knowing when to call your insurance company or when to

Replacement Cost vs Actual Cost Value

Many insured’s are confused about the difference between replacement cost and actual cost value. At North American Advantage Insurance Services we think you should know exactly what you are getting when buying homeowners’ insurance, and are pleased to offer this simple explanation. Actual value cost is what your home would be worth on the market

The Advantage of Choosing North American Advantage Insurance Services

Homeownership has become complicated over the last decade. And, as things go with homeownership, so they go with the home insurance industry. The industry has been crippled by the housing crisis, causing a plethora of reputable and viable agencies to shutter. North American Advantage Insurance Services has taken the lead in picking up the pieces,